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Full Size Art of the Bunnies from Green Rolling Hills

I made a map submission to RAMP 2023 titled Green Rolling Hills And Lots of Nice Bunny Girls But Secretly It’s Still Hell. That had 4 npc characters in it. The only one that has a name is Percy, and I recently drew a new outfit for her. But also here’s the full size versions of the art from that map.

And here’s the new picture of Percy with more clothes that I just drew today

14 Jan 2024

  1. The idea of Emmelpi is that it’s the in-universe fictional equivalent of our My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I keep saying I’m going to change the name but I’ve been calling it that for like 3 years now so I’ll probably stick to that unless a lawyer tells me it’s a bad idea
  2. also there’s a bit of Yoshi and Mimiga because I enjoy

Thanks. I think I loosely gloss over the idea in parts here but in short all of my Squee/Helibuster characters can be thought of as “What if somebody tried to make My Little Ponies real (but also the ponies were instead vaguely bunny shaped)”

Stuff I Forgot To Post

Naomi the Mimiga is one of Glover‘s characters.

Emilia is also one of Glover’s characters.

The above is gift art I drew for Dusky’s birthday. Dusky is the creator of Havoc Fox, who these characters are from.

Theo belongs to Scootles.

Saph is one of Rilao’s characters. Site (Warning for breast expansion / hyper breast fetish content).

Loosely based on our dog Biggum Puggles. He doesn’t really look like this, but sometimes he gets super excited about lunch time and bounces around super lots.

Based on Mel Syreth / The Syreth Clan’s BuKnight Order of the Golden Crest characters.

Toof the Red Cat is VAdaPEGA’s iconic mascot character.

Queen Bouncelia is from Garten of BanBan. Cassie is from Starbuster.

The big squishy horn character is another one of VAdaPEGA’s characters.

Soft hugs and pats for the red cat.

One of the characters from the recently announced Petal Crash 2.

Pochette from Backpack Hero

Some hasty janky doodles of Pochette from Backpack Hero

also here’s some janky GPT4-generated fanfic custom tailored to my flavor of shenanigans:

Part One: The Quest Begins

In the dappled light of Oakshire Woods, where the sun played peekaboo through the dense canopy, Lily stood with a peculiar twinkle in her feline eyes. The little village had never seen such a peculiar request. “Purse,” she implored, her voice a melodious murmur akin to the rustling leaves, “I need balloons. Special ones that can only be found in the dungeon.” She swished her tail, the shadow it cast on the ground intertwining with the shade of the towering trees.

Purse, with her whiskers twitching in anticipation of a new adventure, couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the secrecy of it all. Balloons? In a dungeon known for its perilous pits and monstrous inhabitants? “I’ll help ya, Lily,” she declared, her voice echoing with the same resolve that had led her through countless battles. “I’ll bring back the finest balloons the dungeon has to offer!”

But as fate would have it, Purse’s plans took a sharp turn. A breathless scout from the village burst into the scene, panting and wide-eyed with urgent news. “The Dungeon King’s Goons are rallying! They’ll be upon us by nightfall!” The scout’s words fell like heavy stones upon the villagers’ hearts.

Purse’s ears drooped momentarily, but her determination was unwavering. “I’ll stop them,” she proclaimed, her voice now a steely whisper. “No Goon will set foot in our village while I stand!”

With time of the essence, Purse turned to Pochette, the hedgehog who had once stood against her but now stood beside her. “Pochette, I need you to do something for me,” Purse said, her gaze intense and unyielding.

Pochette’s quills bristled, a mix of surprise and pride at being entrusted with such a task. “I’m listening,” she replied, her voice steady and curious.

“It’s Lily,” Purse started, gesturing towards the young cat still clutching the hope of balloons in her bright eyes. “She needs… balloons from the dungeon. I don’t know why, but it’s important to her. Can you?”

Pochette pondered, her mind racing through the labyrinthine corridors of the dungeon, the traps that snapped, the creatures that prowled. Balloons would be a fragile cargo, and her quills were anything but forgiving. Yet, the challenge ignited a spark within her. “I’ll do it,” she affirmed with a nod. “Consider those balloons as good as gotten.”

Purse offered a grateful smile, clapping Pochette firmly on the back. “I knew I could count on you. Be careful with those spikes of yours,” she teased, before turning to prepare for the confrontation with the Goons.

Pochette watched Purse’s retreating figure, her heart thumping with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Balloons and dungeons? This would be a tale to tell.

Part Two: Trials of the Dungeon

Deep within the stone-cold heart of the dungeon, Pochette pressed on. The walls echoed with the faint drip of water, the distant growls of lurking creatures, and the occasional hiss of steam from hidden vents. She knew the delicate nature of her quest, for balloons were not the usual treasure sought by brave souls that delved these depths.

Her spines, perfect for defense, now posed a unique dilemma. Each step was measured, each breath calculated. The first balloon she found, a vibrant red like the setting sun, almost met its end upon a careless turn that brought her too close to a jagged rock wall. “Not as easy as I thought,” Pochette muttered to herself, wincing at the memory of the balloon squeaking in perilous protest.

Innovation was the key. Her pets, loyal companions unmarred by spikes, became the bearers of the precious cargo. She tied the strings carefully, ensuring each balloon bobbed safely above her quilled back. Her pack, meticulously organized to protect her prickly burden, held the few essentials she dared bring along.

The dungeon was unforgiving. Traps that clanged and snapped, seeking to impale or crush, were a constant threat. Beasts with gnashing teeth and claws that scraped against the stone were eager for a meal. Pochette’s reflexes were tested time and time again, each narrow escape a silent victory, each acquired balloon a triumph.

As she descended to the 6th floor, her shadow danced against the flickering torchlight, the balloons casting odd shapes upon the walls. She paused, her heart pounding in her chest, a chorus of danger whispering from the unseen corners. It was a crossroads of sorts—a moment of clarity amidst the chaos.

“Enough is enough,” she said, a resolve settling within her like a stone in still water. The balloons, now a small parade of colors and shapes, were enough to bring joy, enough to fulfill a child’s clandestine wish. It was time to return, to emerge from the gloom into the light of home.

Pochette retraced her steps, the dungeon protesting her departure with grumbling reluctance. But she had what she came for; she had succeeded. And so, with a pack full of air and a heart full of pride, Pochette began the journey back to the world above, where innocence awaited the return of its whimsical desires.

Part Three: The Prank Revealed

The morning sun cast a golden glow over the village as Pochette emerged from the dungeon’s mouth, a string of balloons trailing behind her like a colorful comet’s tail. Children gathered, their eyes wide with wonder, as the spectacle unfolded. Lily, with Raven peeking from behind her, stood at the forefront, their anticipation barely contained.

As Pochette approached, she could see the sparkle in Lily’s eyes reflect the myriad of hues bobbing in the air. “I’ve brought them,” Pochette announced, her voice carrying a tinge of pride. She watched as Lily reached out, her small hands grasping the strings with care, as if she were holding the very sky.

“Thank you, Pochette!” Lily exclaimed, her joy bubbling over like a springtime brook. “They’re perfect!” Raven, equally delighted, danced around the balloons, her laughter mingling with the soft rustling of leaves.

Pochette left them with their treasure, a smile gracing her lips as she made her way home, her thoughts already on a warm meal and a soft bed. The day’s end brought a peaceful slumber, her dreams a vivid tapestry woven from the day’s adventures.

But dawn’s light brought with it a revelation. Pochette awoke to a sea of colors, her cottage transformed into a balloon-filled wonderland. She blinked, her initial confusion giving way to amusement as the pieces fell into place. “Lily and Raven,” she muttered with a chuckle, her quills rustling with each movement, popping balloons in a symphony of tiny explosions.

Crawling out of bed was like navigating through a rainbow, each pop a playful reminder of the previous day’s quest. She couldn’t help but laugh, the sound echoing off her walls, as she pictured the two young pranksters plotting their delightful scheme.

With a shake of her head, Pochette accepted the harmless prank for what it was—a sign of affection, a memory made, a story to share. And nestled within that acceptance was the knowledge that Purse, brave and bold, owed her a favor. A smile played on her lips at the thought; in their world of adventure and danger, such a debt was indeed a rare and precious coin.

As the last balloon gave way with a soft pop, Pochette looked around her now quiet cottage. The laughter of children outside, the warmth of the sun through her window, and the promise of future adventures filled her with a contentment as buoyant as the balloons that had graced her home. The day awaited, and with it, the endless possibilities that came with each new sunrise.

Sub/VIP Request Stream Nov 7 2023

Creative Request • SquishiSprite • 43 minutes ago

Creative Request • ScootZzzzzx • 15 hours ago

AnnMWhite: You may make one, but if I decide to fulfil it it won’t be today, I think I’m going to end stream shortly. What did you have in mind?

Chaosbuster12: Izzaya conjuring ice (I’ll share my ref shortly)

Chaosbuster12: Sent the ref

(Did not use Redeem)