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Save At Some Point

Gavii 2

[7:45:58 PM] Retl: Eh, I’m OK. In pain from a Stye + headache pains. I was convinced to try a Tylenol. I don’t believe it’s effective on me for some reason or another, though. Kinda spent some time moping about and occasionally looking at smut trying to pick my spirits up. Eventually just started playing the same games I usually do less out of a desire to play them and more for something to do without getting stressed out.
[7:46:30 PM] Retl: My bro went and bought some more meat to cook though, so I’m pleased about that. That’ll be nice tasting food with no questions about expiry for at least tonight and tomorrow morning.
[7:47:20 PM] Retl: I keep feeling like my return did more harm than good for the family, despite all the praise for getting the degree.
[7:48:24 PM] Retl: On the good side of things, I shared those griffon pics with the writer who created that character. He was amused and pleased that I was invested enough to draw her. The same guy also went and looked at the few stories I wrote and left positive comments in response. So that’s nice
[7:50:14 PM] Retl: And I’ve kinda had LUA Click for me enough that I can do a lot of the things I want with it now. Though I’m just running into walls all over the place trying to actually make games. The ones that I would enjoy the most are overblown in scope. I try dumbing it down but tend to lose interest. Tried thinking if there were other activities in my life that I enjoy doing. The answers to that question don’t really turn into ideas for interactive experiences, though. Just blog material more than anyway.

Quicksave: Benefits

[2014-06-20 00:09:03] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Name: Andromeda Airborne, Age: 21, Sex: Female, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Level: 32
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> STR: 7, PER: 6, END: 4, CHA: 4, INT: 6, AGL: 6, LCK: 7
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Barter: 38, Battle Saddles: 42, Explosives: 48, Lockpick: 42, MEW: 57, Medicine: 41, Melee: 44, Mechanics: 39, Science: 45, Firearms: 42, Sneak: 35, Speech: 42, Survival: 33, Unarmed: 49
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Name: Dj Jane, Age: 26, Sex: Yes, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Level: 2
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> STR: 6, PER: 5, END: 5, CHA: 7, INT: 6, AGL: 5, LCK: 6
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Barter: 18, Battle Saddles: 14, Explosives: 13, Lockpick: 14, MEW: 14, Medicine: 15, Melee: 19, Mechanics: 15, Science: 15, Firearms: 13, Sneak: 15, Speech: 18, Survival: 13, Unarmed: 15
[2014-06-20 00:09:09] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Name: Ponies Hurdles, Age: 25, Sex: Male, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Level: 35
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> STR: 6, PER: 6, END: 5, CHA: 5, INT: 7, AGL: 6, LCK: 5
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Barter: 47, Battle Saddles: 44, Explosives: 44, Lockpick: 51, MEW: 45, Medicine: 51, Melee: 48, Mechanics: 48, Science: 43, Firearms: 56, Sneak: 37, Speech: 41, Survival: 37, Unarmed: 40

Updated my fork of Bones to generate FoE Revised Rules PnP compliant base NPC characters. Descriptions, special talents,  tags, and equipment not included. https://github.com/Retl/BloonsPlusPlus

Though these are clearly not the type of builds players tend to make. They don’t focus skillpoints into specific skills then compliment with leftovers, they put points all over the place!

Daily 26 Jan 2014


Drew a little new stuff. Scanned a few days-old stuff. Uploaded a bunch.

Read a bunch of chapters of Fallout Equestria: Duck and Cover.

Got in contact with the Team Leader for the SSE project and worked on stuff side-by-side for about an hour and a half. Still no team for GP2 project… Submitted Weekly Report 01.


Had a bad dream this morning. Had an unstable mood and shed some tears a few hours later in the day. Concluded that I’m a little stressed out, and not particularly used to the experience of being stressed out.

New phone should be arriving tomorrow. Admitted guilty that I pretty much begged $200 to get a device that can finally run Gameloft’s money-grab of a MLPFiM ‘game’. There’s a lot of other reasons I had been wanting to upgrade for a while too, but without the means to reliably pay phone service, the benefits are more akin to upgrading game consoles.

Kinda sorta wanted to do a 20 minute writing exercise. Never got around to it, and want to go to bed soon. Did talk to Kkat briefly about how the MoM became what it did in the FoE Universe. Turns out the primary operating directives are even simpler than the silly ones I had imagined, which makes the whole structure of it sound… chaotic, yet straightforward.

Earlier someone asked me ‘how are you doing?’

So-so. I’ve got tears in my eyes, and I’m not sure why. Had a weird kind of not-fun dream this morning. Also just ended up realizing that if my belongings got raided or taken for legal reasons or something, I’m not completely sure what I’d do. Most likely try to get more paper and pencil and draw more smut to make up for smut lost. Which was kind of an alarming/worrying thought.
[2:30:47 PM] Retl: At the same time, kinda happy because episode put lotsa fun thoughts in my head, and one of the fics I read is pretty much adding a new character based on my work, based on another character that I already liked. So it’s like. A cake of excuses for me to really really like this character.
[2:31:42 PM] Retl: Uploading a bunch of scanned pics and whatnot. Gotta hop on a bus in about 75m

[2:40:53 PM] Retl: The dream I had was kinda simple though. In it, my dad moved into a new, smaller place and invited me over. I was trying to play a PnP thing but couldn’t get in because my niece was on the phone? (she wasn’t there, and I don’t know why that stopped the net from working) and I took some kind of small single-use packet thingy which worked like a miniature laundry machine without asking permission. And was upset both about not asking permission, and about missing game.

okay bored now this is the part where I dump images.

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The whatnots:

Tomorrow I:

A) Can’t eat until after I get bloodwork done. Need to be checked for cholesterol and potential diabetes.

B) Move into residence halls again. Yay!

C) Go to first day of classes. This would be much easier if I make time to print the schedule.

D) Talk to advisor to make sure I can graduate this term.

E) Make sure everything is paid on properly

F) Fill out Deferment forms and contact the registrar to have it faxed to the proper people.

G) Work on commissions

H) Eat at some point. Also, don’t die.


Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons  Reread Progress:

34 – Birthday: Oh hey, Littlepip actually gets to do some stuff with Blackjack. FUN! And Blackjack gets her instruction manual thingy going.

35 – Learning: In which some random pony inexplicably (it gets explained much later in the story) explodes! Yay explosions! Also, the second portion of hanging out with the FoE vanilla crew.  Also, Hangovers.

36 – Victims: Now we’re back into the hoof, and things just brutal.  There’s some deaths in this one, but it’s no Scoodle.

37 – Winning and Losing: Another huge shift in the state of multiple party members due to the influence of Killing Joke. Also, my favorite series of explosions in the fic.

Toys for Fillies and Foals

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons.  Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons. Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.


Fanart for Fallout Equestria: Heroes.

Silver Storm and Foundation from <a href=”http://www.fimfiction.net/story/662/fallout-equestria-heroes”>Fallout Equestria: Heroes</a>. (At some non-specific time before the events of the story.)

Playing with balloons, which ended up in Marefort due to a merchant making an error during a transaction and having to get rid of them anyway. So now it’s theirs! And then the mother and daughter go and play whatever games they- mostly just Foundation- can come up with!
Naturally, almost all of these games involve Foundation winning and Silver losing. But that’s just the way of it.
Rougher WIP version can be viewed here: http://fav.me/d6zthf1
Drawn in Firealpaca on Windows 7 with an ASUS EP121 tablet. I was on the fence as to whether or not to give dialogue to the characters or to draw in sound effects. I’m still not entirely against it, but I’m kinda at my drawing limit for the night, so onto the ponynet the picture goes!
So uh. Yeah.
Also, Fallout Equestria: Heroes is currently in my top three favorite Fallout Equestria stories. It really picks up in funnies once Flare is introduced. And I already liked Serenity, so that certainly helps my fondness for it. Worth giving the fic a try. Here’s the audiobook: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSEQqApx5CY&list=PLKEOfCxCcjYppvHA2zlA9vlNmRNnxnUr2