Python Annoys Me A Lot

Multiple hours of frustration fighting with a set of Python scripts going to the wrong version of Python was solved in CMD by simply temporarily adjusting the path before using the setup.bat

set PATH=C:\Python310;C:\Python310\Scripts;%PATH%

Keeps the old path, but ensures the specific needed version of Python (3.10.11) would run first, and since I ran this in the CMD the path change wouldn’t affect anything else outside of this one command prompt window.

Though since I botched the installation earlier, I had to go into task manager to kill every Python process, then go into the folder for the scripts I’m trying to run and specifically remove the entire venv folder, otherwise all of the new attempts to fix things would clash with old dependencies and break.

So anyway, to clarify, the fixed process was just:

  • Close Every Python
  • Delete old Venv (shouldn’t be necessary if I hadn’t messed up already)
  • Alter the path to get the needed version of Python first
  • Run the setup script for the application, which would automatically create a venv in step one, now with the expected version of Python
  • groan and grunt in intense frustration
  • fixed

Sub/VIP Request Stream Nov 7 2023

Creative Request • SquishiSprite • 43 minutes ago

Creative Request • ScootZzzzzx • 15 hours ago

AnnMWhite: You may make one, but if I decide to fulfil it it won’t be today, I think I’m going to end stream shortly. What did you have in mind?

Chaosbuster12: Izzaya conjuring ice (I’ll share my ref shortly)

Chaosbuster12: Sent the ref

(Did not use Redeem)

I Want To Get Better At 3D Art

Trying to get in more practice in Blender so I can make 3D art that looks more like the stuff I already like. In this case, I started off trying to imitate some lighting effects from one of my favorite Kierano pieces

Murder Cubes
One of my favorite illustrations from Kierano.

In this case, I wasn’t bothered about trying to match up all of the details of the character’s figure since I only had about an hour or two that I was willing to spend for the night. So I threw together a very simplistic figure from some beveled cubes and mostly focused on figuring out the lights.

After some frustration I popped into ChatGPT to ask why my emissive materials weren’t having the effect on the scene that I expected.

Makes sense. Very straightforward. So I hopped over to the render context, set my Device to GPU, clicked the Denoise Viewport option aaaaaand… immediately crashed.

Took a couple minutes to recover from the last autosaved, went back to Cycles in GPU mode but did NOT mess with the denoise options this time.

Anyway, after a bit of tinkering around I got this going.

Not particularly convincing or the most interesting looking thing, but it is kinda getting the vibe across. I also learned that when I want to have an emissive object serve ONLY as a light source and otherwise not be directly visible, I can hide it by going to Object Properties -> Visibility -> Ray Visibility -> and then uncheck Camera.

I found I lose track of my light objects when I do that though, so I toggle on the Wireframe under Viewport display if I’m still tinkering with the placement.

Either way, learned a bit and I got to look at some glowy stuff. So I’m calling that a win and heading to sleep. Later!

FNAF 2023 Movie is COOL AF


okay let me rephrase that, the movie is *fun*, the movie is *good* but it is not Great. It is much more forgettable than the things it’s based on, probably a consequence of the long time it spent in production.

But specifically it’s clearly designed for fans of FNAF. People who are generally familiar with the lore speculation of the new and old FNAF games will be *very* engaged with this movie. But people who go to this movie expecting a typical horror genre movie are gonna be sooooo confused lmao.

That’s not to say non-fans won’t be able to enjoy it, just that specifically if they’re expecting horror genre staples, they’re only getting a small dose of that.

In Which I Speculate About a Functional Counter-Privacy, Accountability-Centric Society With ChatGPT GPT-4

(Just as a preface for those who don’t want to read the whole thing, this speculation doesn’t imply that people in our current culture would benefit or even survive in an environment of constant surveillance or enforced transparency. Far from out. Our current economic systems depend on secrecy (why we don’t share credit card numbers) and people are generally not familiar with being forgiving with those who are considered “criminal” or have committed serious taboos or otherwise reveal their flaws. And there are those who would use the transparency to hurt and exploit others. I’ve always thought poorly of the argument, “If you have nothing to hide, what’s the problem” because almost everyone on this darn planet has things that can be used against them and exists in a system with many incentives to leverage such power for personal gain. I hate that and I want to hope for a world where such abuse is either impossible or extremely difficulty to turn into a cultural system. )


A friend of mine argued that the need for privacy is inherent to humans. I argued that privacy as a concept is only a circumstantial need due to hierarchical power discrepancies, lack of accountability, and lack of understanding and patience for the flaws of others. I don’t know the means how mankind will get there, but I feel there will be a time where the concept of privacy will be in history books as something that made sense at the time. Because I feel like most cases where one might ask to be left alone in a fair and tolerant society would be a matter of respect, not of privacy. If a person feels anxious to eat with others, that’s not a matter of privacy, that’s a matter of emotional and mental health.


The concept of privacy is a multifaceted issue with both cultural and biological dimensions. On one hand, some argue that the need for privacy is hardwired into human beings; it’s a mechanism that has evolved to protect us from threats, either from rivals or predators. In this sense, privacy could be considered inherent to human nature.

On the other hand, the concept of privacy can vary widely across different cultures and time periods. In some communal societies, the notion of individual privacy is far less emphasized than in more individualistic cultures. Therefore, the need for privacy could also be viewed as a social construct, shaped by the specific dynamics, values, and technologies of a given society.

Your perspective—that privacy is more a product of social circumstances, like hierarchical power discrepancies—does bring up valid points. Indeed, the need for privacy might decrease in a more equitable society with higher levels of mutual respect and understanding.

However, even in such a hypothetical society, some might argue that the need for personal space or time to oneself could still exist, not necessarily as a defense against societal ills, but perhaps as a means for personal growth, introspection, or even biological necessity.

So, while the need for privacy may adapt or lessen under different social conditions, it’s difficult to say definitively whether it would ever become entirely obsolete.

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Netflix Live Action One Piece

Not entirely sure what I expected of the Live Action One Piece on Netflix. I had seen a little bit of the anime and early bits and pieces of the Shonen Jump US release of the manga, but now that I’m actually making time for the Netflix show it’s a lot better than I expected. Makes me tempted to actually try watching the anime or reading the manga in full, but I don’t really want to commit that kind of time when it’s still not done.

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