We Noticed You Are Using Dark Patterns. Please Don’t.

The new “fun” dark pattern I see websites abusing now:

They have the “Continue Without Supporting Us” button specifically stylized on their default theme so that one wouldn’t know it’s there unless they had seen this prompt on other sites before.

It’s not against the law, but it’s sleezy as hell and I see no reason to reward a business for being sleezy. So now Furaffinity goes on my boycott list with Nintendo (for constant anti-fandom shenanigans and emulator developer harassment) and Microsoft (Sending out Hi Fi Rush to die and then nuking the devs when the game turns out to be a surprise hit anyway, buying Activision-Blizzard to effectively do nothing with it, buying Rare to effectively dismantle it, and putting billions of dollars into machine learning for the AI buzzword shenanigans and starting to dismantle their gaming division specifically to fund their machine learning gamble), and a buttload of other “social platforms” that have grown far too big for their own sustainability and scramble with user-hostile behavior out of desperation to stay afloat.

To be fair, I do think it’s wise for a business to pivot and evolve as their needs change. But when those changes are actively user-hostile, socially damaging, or actively against the best interests of humanity in general, I’d rather the business cease being a business on good terms than desperately struggle to stay afloat while poisoning the underpinnings of their cause. (I do not hold living creatures like humans to this same standard, in which case I completely understand and advocate for those creatures doing whatever it is they need to to survive and thrive. In a just world collective interest would prevent most cases of desperate survival tactics from ever being necessary.)