Video Game History Repeats

Microsoft is now in its Sega Saturn age where they’ve managed to burn most of their goodwill despite their successes and having a good hardware offerings but not enough sway with devs to attach people to it.

And no matter how far ahead of the times the Next Version Of Xbox may be, it will- like the Dreamcast before it- probably be the end of Xbox as devs don’t want to take the risk and players resist buying it out of distrust from how the prior platform’s games were handled.

And the Steam Deck is looking mighty convenient and cost effective these days…

Meanwhile Nintendo sics their ninjas on anyone who so much as thinks about emulators, homebrew, fangames, hacks, tournaments, fanart, and literally anything involving their IPs that they do not have complete control over. And they do this even in cases when they know they do not legally have the means to “win” because they know they have enough money to wait out any smaller individual out until they starve out of court funds.

And Sony? I haven’t heard much of Sony lately, they’re probably doing OK.