Stuff I Forgot To Post

Naomi the Mimiga is one of Glover‘s characters.

Emilia is also one of Glover’s characters.

The above is gift art I drew for Dusky’s birthday. Dusky is the creator of Havoc Fox, who these characters are from.

Theo belongs to Scootles.

Saph is one of Rilao’s characters. Site (Warning for breast expansion / hyper breast fetish content).

Loosely based on our dog Biggum Puggles. He doesn’t really look like this, but sometimes he gets super excited about lunch time and bounces around super lots.

Based on Mel Syreth / The Syreth Clan’s BuKnight Order of the Golden Crest characters.

Toof the Red Cat is VAdaPEGA’s iconic mascot character.

Queen Bouncelia is from Garten of BanBan. Cassie is from Starbuster.

The big squishy horn character is another one of VAdaPEGA’s characters.

Soft hugs and pats for the red cat.

One of the characters from the recently announced Petal Crash 2.