Go Dog Go Season 4

I enjoyed Season 4 of “Go. Dog. Go!” a looooooot and I’m not even sure why? We got a bit more of the world fleshed out, we’ve seen how the community will pull together and help each-other out at the drop of a hat and that the age differences between the characters isn’t usually treated as a reason for them to not be friends. Lady Lydia got waaaaaaaay more emphasis in this season, which I completely welcome because she is one of my absolute favorite characters in the series (despite the fact that typically I hate hats, something about her really resonates with me? I guess I just kinda know what the one-topic fixation type thing feels like?). So we got to see her experiment with being more crafty and creative, and she participated in more Tag’s pretend type games with the super hero episodes (seems like Lydia enjoyed reading the comic book) and it’s just cool to see more of what she’s like beyond the hat.

Sometimes I wish I still had a social media account to share my feelings in a way where it’s super easy for people to find and re-share it. but I dunno. My weird jank blog will just have to do. And I highly recommend Go, Dog. Go! For a chill cartoon vibe with friendly warm feels.