Python Annoys Me A Lot

Multiple hours of frustration fighting with a set of Python scripts going to the wrong version of Python was solved in CMD by simply temporarily adjusting the path before using the setup.bat

set PATH=C:\Python310;C:\Python310\Scripts;%PATH%

Keeps the old path, but ensures the specific needed version of Python (3.10.11) would run first, and since I ran this in the CMD the path change wouldn’t affect anything else outside of this one command prompt window.

Though since I botched the installation earlier, I had to go into task manager to kill every Python process, then go into the folder for the scripts I’m trying to run and specifically remove the entire venv folder, otherwise all of the new attempts to fix things would clash with old dependencies and break.

So anyway, to clarify, the fixed process was just:

  • Close Every Python
  • Delete old Venv (shouldn’t be necessary if I hadn’t messed up already)
  • Alter the path to get the needed version of Python first
  • Run the setup script for the application, which would automatically create a venv in step one, now with the expected version of Python
  • groan and grunt in intense frustration
  • fixed