Blowups! (1/?)

(Tried to see what would happen if I did a 10m challenge instead of 20m. It doesn’t really give enough time to think. : /  But a half-hour might be a little too long to make it feel like a small investment. Also, I wrote this with my head kinda swimming and on the edge of sleeping, so uh. Stuff/)

“It smells like butts!” The blue colt wriggled his nose and then was promptly plunked down on a wooden stool. An orange filly’s green tail rearranged things at the table with the deftness of any other familiar limb momentarily before she whirled around and filled his vision with her large pink eyes.

“You’re not supposed to smell it!” The filly gingerly tapped the colt’s nose with a forehoof. “Be glad it only smells like butt! I think somepony used to use it as a chair. I’ll sell it to you for five caps if you want it.  don’t need it anymore.”