Now Saving: Nanowrimo Approaches

Some kinda Scalebeast. This one in particular is Amethyst Crystal, based on Lilac. Previously I had drawn Amethyst as a feline with the intent that she was somebody inspired in-universe by Lilac and Carol to try to become a hero on her own and started trying to imitate their movesets. Regardless of the particulars, this particular Amethyst is probably the result of parents who met somebody in the past of the same name and look and liked them a lot enough to encourage their offspring to be like them. I suppose it would make sense then that the Amethyst this Amethyst is based on probably did succeed at being a hero of some kind. Maybe of the peace-bringing sort?

NaNoWriMo is approaching fast, and I plan on participating this year. I know it’ll be a struggle and I expect to fail yet again, but ehh, I’ve got at least two different ideas I’ve been wanting to flesh out one way or another and it’s as good an excuse to try as any.

Had to drive in to the office for work today for the first time in almost a year and I have to go in person tomorrow as well. Wasn’t too hard after getting on the interstate, it’s the part up until then that’s the real stresser. Need to buy some more face masks. All of the cloth masks I bought last year are already kinda torn up and I’m out of the medical masks.

Trying to figure out how much I want to draw from my recent interpersonal experience when writing stuff for NaNoWriMo. There’s definitely a set of characters that exist first and foremost to be a bit like mirrors of the most iconic things I remember about certain people. But I also don’t want to come off as overly petty or mean when I put those characters into dangerous fantastical situations.

Just judging by how hard it is for me to keep coming up with things to mention in this blog post about my very real life, trying to keep up with the nanowrimo goal when I have to completely make up a plot and character traits and whatnot. All I can do is TRY I guess. Even if I don’t reach the goal, a partial progress towards a novel is a heck a lot more than nothing.

Since I already have this blog, maybe it’ll be convenient if I do the Nanowrimo IN this editor?