Now Saving: Decepticon Rainbow Dash

Yesterday: Saw Transformers: Age of Extension. Rainbow Dash from MLPFiM  was in it. And niece got a splinter and shouted a lot and stuff. Played some Awesomenauts. Attempted to play Hearthstone, but family needs meant I never got beyond turn one before having to leave. Thought about playing more Skyrim, but then movie happened. No code progress on any current projects. Need to wash clothes, but washer is bork. Might hand-wash.

[2014-07-14 21:54:09] <Retl|Zzz> Niece got a splinter, made a lot of noise and fuss
[2014-07-14 21:54:18] <Retl|Zzz> shouted at the mother, who then started crying
[2014-07-14 21:54:33] <Retl|Zzz> Sister, Brother, and nurse aides have now all shown up because
[2014-07-14 21:54:40] <Retl|Zzz> and just
[2014-07-14 21:54:43] * Retl|Zzz curls into ball

[2014-07-14 20:10:47] <Retl-Auto> Movie was OK butt fun
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[2014-07-14 20:11:04] <Retl> Age of Extinction
[2014-07-14 20:11:14] <Retl> AKA the Decepticon Rainbow Dash movie
[2014-07-14 20:11:33] <Retl> This is the only one in the series I’ve seen. What confuses me is specifically that
[2014-07-14 20:11:39] <Retl> it seems to be trying to hit all-audiences
[2014-07-14 20:11:47] <Retl> But completely fails in that by having too much everything.
[2014-07-14 20:12:19] <Retl> It’s not a kids movie. Too much butts and swearing for that. Not really for diehard transformer fans, as it’s 50% not even about the transformers
[2014-07-14 20:12:41] <Retl> And then when they do get interesting characters, because of all the other things they’re balancing, they don’t get much time to be interesting.
[2014-07-14 20:12:54] <Retl> that said the dino thingies or whatever
[2014-07-14 20:12:56] <Retl> FREAKING AWESOME
[2014-07-14 20:12:59] <Retl> i want porn of them do it now
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[2014-07-14 20:14:17] <R34l> why did I search for that