Now Saving: We’ve Managed to Avoid Projectile

12:59 <Retl> …
12:59 <Retl> It took me entirely too long to realize I could mute the Hearthstone music in the options menu
13:01 * Retl starts hearthstone match
13:01 * Retl hears mother PANICKING
13:01 * Retl gets up front and she thinks her other son got shot
13:01 <Retl> Apparently someone’s mower sent a rock all the way through the window
13:01 <Retl> our window
13:01 * Retl comes back to Hearthstone and he has lost. But brother SEEMS ok
13:01 * Retl goes to check
13:03 <Retl> I’m just slightly britter that I immediately lost a ranked match I didn’t even get to play