Quicksave: Bad Dreams

Don’t eat spicy pizza before bed.

[05:13] <Retl2> Ugh, bad dreams
[05:13] <Retl2> Dreamed I was trying to make up with an artist that I used to sorta kinda look up to for making a character I liked a lot. For some reason, their webcomic had now turned into a privately made borderline nonsensical animated series. They welcomed me back into their house
[05:14] <Retl2> Long story short they gave me ‘free’ shoes and then immediately after some kind of alarm went off through out the entire state and there was a police chase
[05:14] <Retl2> I think I have issues with this person IRL and will never be able to really forgive them.

I’ve never known this person in person, so I have no idea why they’re so important to me in dreamspace or why I apparently keep visiting their house in dreams.

There were some other people I knew in the house too, though I didn’t recognize them at the time and they didn’t entirely recall me.

Either way. Dreams. Alarming. Also indigestion.

Aside from that, yesterday was mostly spent being grumpy about the family situation and questioning why I don’t get a job and move out. Only person here I’m concerned about is my mother, but I might be over-helping her…