Quicksave: Disrespect

  • I should probably just copy-paste these posts instead of using the Publicize extension. Then Tumblr users wouldn’t need to click-through.
  • Played Awesomenauts Beta with some of the community-made bots. They’re tough.
  • Kept logging into Equestrian Dawn only to realize I really don’t want to RP there.
  • Started grinding basic items from the starter levels in Brave Frontier.
  • Felt Grumpy/uncomfortable for the bulk of the day. Never figured out exactly why, but I imagine it has to do with food.
  • Drafted commission specification document for smut I would eventually like to have Kevin Sano and Jetwave draw However, while the artists might be OK with the ideas, I’m not sure if the author of the character I intended to use would be OK with it. (In fact, I THINK they told me ‘nothing explicit’ but I didn’t save a log of what they said from however many months back when I was asking what I was allowed to draw.) Might have to just send Mime a message and ask if it’s okay. ANd if they say OK, then yay! And if they say no… then I’d probably pay to have it drawn anyway and request that the image be treated DNP, then only share it with a small circle of friends. Or. Something. But I’m no fan of the whole Do Not Post thing. The whole part of this stuff is to share!I don’t want to directly offend someone who makes things I like, but combining lots of things that I like into some superfun is supernice. Or. Something.
  • The area of my leg and shoulder that I hit when dealing with the pool about a week back still hurt when touched.