Quicksave: Meh


  • Blew 3 hours on whatever that is above. Don’t like it.
  • Got graduation photo proofs in the mail. They sent me the photos from the person in front of me (coincidentally, a guy I partnered with on a project last semester). Called and got that fixed. Mother wants the photos. Dunno how much she plans to spend.
  • Paid helper lady people cleaned up mother’s old room. It looks great, now. I took out two very large, very heavy bags of ???trash???.
  • Planning to get OTG cable and use my MotoG as a mini laptop for blogging at least. If it works out. Already have a Logitech wireless USB keyboard that should do the job. And a cardboard cutout to hold the phone at a viewable angle. Because it’s more powerful than my Aspire One netbook and has a longer-lasting battery.
  • I still have no idea what to do with this package of astroglide I was gifted.
  • Made a Reuben sandwich again. It was pretty good I guess.
  • meh
  • I’m gonna go play Awesomenauts now and maybe try coding a thing tomorrow.