Now Saving: Bitter

Sometimes, one puts honest work into things, and things work out okay, and one’s proud of it.

(Dry run of Games II project presentation went well. Still not excellent, but passable.)

Sometimes, one puts effort into things, it gets rejected, and one feels bitter.

(Pretty much my second time getting the ‘this comment is embarrassing, send it in a pm instead *delete* response on Fimfic from an author.  I don’t like doing that, as I lose track of what I said to who and when, and those posts get auto-purged from the server after an amount of time. On top of giving more excuse to be complained at if I forget. It’s more convenient on my part to leave no comment.  [Some other scenario-specific information is left out as to be forgotten.])


Saw this thingy on dA and wanted a distraction. So I’m filling it out now.


1. Do you go by any nicknames?

Yes, many.

3. What species of pony are you?

My fictional characters are some of everything. H4X is a holopegapony vaguely modeled after Scootaloo. Revel Romp is a young unicorn minor noble. Get Bonus is an Earth Pony colt from Cookie Console.
4. What’s your cutie mark, and how does it describe yourself?
It’s almost always a balloon, ball, bubble, or some other inflatable object. They’re bright, colorful, cheery, versatile in a variety of ways, deceptively durable, airy and hollow, held up by constant pressure, prone to burst into several angular shreds, and can critical weaknesses that break them with ease. They work great when there’s plenty, as if one breaks one can swap it out for one similar very quickly. If lucky, the old one can be fixed.
6. What are some common occupational hazards you come across?
Privacy concerns. Overshared information. Electric shock. Fairly harmless explosions and loud noises. Telling MoM.
7. Do you like Ponyville?
It’s pretty.
8. Have you ever been to the Grand Galloping Gala? If not, have you ever dreamed of going?
wait what am I supposed to be answering this AS a pony
9. Do you have any hobbies aside from your job?
I spend. All day. In front of a computer. The only time I spend away from a computer is when walking to get to another computer. And yes, listening to stuff on a phone is still using a computer.
10. What are your quirks? As in, what makes you unique?
Heck if I know? I do things the way that make sense to me, because they make sense to me, and not just because everyone else is doing it. This sometimes gets me odd looks when I ask questions that ‘seemed obvious to everyone else’. 
11. Can you stand on your forehooves?
Get Bonus and H4X probably could for their relations to MoM. Nopony in the Revel line could, but they would probably try if for the purpose of entertaining friends. And then fall.
12. Can you stand on your head?
Ditto of above.
13. Favorite type of music?
Always dance-y rock-y type energetic stuff that doesn’t sound like randomly selected noise.
14. What’s your favorite food?
Tacos. Tacos or mints. Not sure.
15. Do you have a crush?
I don’t like the courtship game. GB would probably crush on the MoM’s Ministry Mare.
16. Do you have any pets? Name them.
17. Nightmare Moon has escaped from the moon and has come to bring eternal night all over Equestria. What do you do?
“Not my job.” and then go about the day doing what one normally would. But with more glowsticks and flares.
18. Who is your idol?
The line of Revel Romps and the Dalliance family in general idolized Celestia as the idea of perfection. Somehow, that was perverted into a pursuit towards immortality.
20. Favorite flavor?
21. What would you find at the end of the rainbow, if a pot of gold doesn’t suit your tastes?
A free house with infinite food and drink and power supply, I guess? That’s what I’d spend the gold on anyway. Most of the other things I want, I kinda already got.
22. Are you gay?
No preference one way or the other and typically limited interest.  Except GB. Bonus prefers fillies and mares.
23. What’s your favorite season?
The first one. It’s more about friends and friendship and dealing with normal everyday living type stuff.

Oh wait you mean like the four seasons? Uh, I dunno. Spring? Winter maybe? I don’t like the heat of the summer, and I have little fondness for Halloween.
24. Who are your friends?
Probably more than I even realize.
25. Now who’s your BEST friend?
Hard to say. They come and go. Life is short.
26. What made your cutie mark appear?
Explosions and sexually provocative imagery.
27. You find a dead pony in your room, and the police have your house surrounded. What do you do?
Unlock the door. Stay still. No sudden movements. Explain to the best of my ability when asked.
29. Gotchya~
31. Were you born in Ponyville?
No. Don’t think I’ve ever made a character that was, come to think.
32. What kind of family do you have?
Wide sprawling untrackable ones for my characters. Because through a certain lens, it feels like my family is that. And my ‘family’ that I recognize is a much much smaller set of four or five faces I know and trust. The rest are only one step up above strangers in my book.
33. Are you scared of anything?
Plenty. Like the results of publicly stating one’s fears to a not-entirely-well-meaning audience.
34. You see a parasprite on the edge of the road while you’re walking into town. What do you do?
Aw, cute.
35. There’s an ursa major behind you.
How does it fit in the room? Is it a plushie?
36. Gotchya again~
So no plushie?
37. Your favorite color of all time is…
Bright and shiny.  That’s a color, right?
38. You ask a pony for directions. However, all she does is gasp loudly and gallop off at full speed. What do you do?
Ask someone else. Alternatively, Google it. Alternatively, try to find it on my own. Most likely, I’d ask at least 2 other people if they’re nearby.
39. A random stallion (if you’re a girl)/mare (if you’re a guy) strides up to you, tells you you’re cute, and asks about your day plans. What do you do?
I go into the details about what I have planned for the day with such specificity that they realize I made no plans to include an additional person at any point, and continue about my day. Unless they just keep showing up where I’m going anyway. Might say hi. Usually  won’t remember them in 5 minutes.
40. You take another look at them and decide that they’re kinda cute. NOW what do you do?
Kinda forced, huh? Still, same as above. Cute or not, I have no intention of playing the courtship game. I have other plans.
41. Roller coasters are…
Fun, usually.
42. You’re standing in a patch of poison joke. What do you do?
Scowl, shout a lot, flail, complain, go to find a distraction.
43. You wake up the next day and find that the poison joke has taken effect. What’s your symptom?
Every computer I touch starts displaying absolute gibberish or shutting down when in proximity. They immediately resume functioning as normal when I stop trying to use it. And no balloon within 20 miles is able to stay inflated.
44. Can you speak two or more languages?
I know less than a phrase book’s worth of Spanish and Japanese. I can ask “where is the bathroom” in both languages and say at least one form of sorry in both languages. (sumimasen, otearai wa doko desu ka | Lo siento pero donde esta’ el ban~o )

Revel as a character would know more. Probably French or the pony equivalent. Speakin’ in Fancy?
45. You bought a new outfit from Rarity’s boutique recently. She told you it really suits you, but it’s very delicate and not machine – washable. While wearing the outfit, a bully knocks you over into the mud. What do you do?
Take it to Rarity or Twilight. 

Maybe I’m just interpreting this wrong, but calling an Earth Pony a “Regular” pony seems hella demeaning.
1. So, you’re a regular pony. How’s life, hon?
uh huh
2. Are you jealous of the unicorns for being able to do magic?
Everything. Especially kinky funtime. But we have machines for that.
3. Are you jealous of pegasuses for being able to fly?
We have machines for that too.
4. Erm… That was probably unecessary…
Yes, these questions were kinda unnecessary weren’t they?
5. So, what’s your opinion on being a regular pony?
Earth ponies are so called because the Earth aspect is important to their nature. Perhaps not in a fashion greatly expanded upon, but it’s clear that tending to other lives and caring for food and doing physical labor are things their magic are attuned with, not just a fallback. Also, their innovations can be used by all, not just themselves.


1. So, you can do magic, right?
All of my ponycorns know at least TK.
2. What spells do you know?
this is bait
3. Are you jealous of the pesasuses for being able to fly?
There’s spell for that. And a machine for that when spells don’t work.
4. If there was a spell you wish you could pull off, what is it?

The Learn Any Given Spell spell.
5. What is your biggest success involving magic?
That one time that thing exploded.


1. Yay, you can fly, yay.
That’s not a question.
2. Do you air (no pun intended) from Cloudsdale, or were you born on the ground?

That pun was clearly intended.  Confetti was a Cloudsdale born pegasus who moved to Ponyville to hang out with a pony they liked.
3. Can you do any special tricks in the air?
None that other pegasi can’t learn. Unless you mean the whole cutie mark catalog and blank flank cutie mark prediction services. Those are bundled with the software and not for trade.

WARNING: This software is not for exchanging photos of filly and colt butts. Performing anyway…

4. Are you jealous of the unicorns for being able to do magic?

Pegasi make computers out of clouds. Not much reason to envy a unicorn.

5. Have you seen a sonic rainboom?