Now Saving: Weekend Computer Lab

Drew: Combined stuff I do all the time with stuff I haven’t tried.


Learned: Computer lab is open on weekends 8AM-10PM. Must have ID and must go through correct doors to avoid lockout. ID scans on white plastic with red light, not black with blue light.

Worked On: The Seas Have Eyes. 3 hours logged. Three player control modes supported. Placeholder enemy will only damage when facing player (detected via raycast) doesn’t turn to look at player unless player is looking at it (detected by imported cone mesh collider). Need to merge branches to master, add weapons and score. Other two enemy types. Game Over Screen. High Scores Table.

Played: 3 matches of Awesomenauts. Playing on revised league 8/7 has made it clear I’m not that great.

Tried to play more Sprit Stones but corrupt game data necessitated a reinstall, and because I didn’t link with facebook, I lost all of my save data with the reinstall. Tried out some new games instead.

Cut the Rope Full Free – Don’t bother, the ads are incredibly obnoxious. Also, it’s almost all physics-puzzles. Not my kind of game.

Angry Birds Friends: Pretty, cheerful, but ALSO physics puzzles. And thus I don’t enjoy it.