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Contrary to what it might seem from how much time I spend using computers, I am not great with the science that makes electric things not-kill-people.

Dropped my EP121 while it was plugged in. This bit of the power adapter bent at a weird angle and now that small open section right where the metal meets the white bit keeps sparking if I plug it in and doesn’t charge well at all. Is this something easy to fix, or do I need to buy a new one?

What this means for people who follow my stuff sorta-kinda:

1) Less art. At least very little of it will be done digitally. I didn’t bring my old Wacom Bamboo with me when I came back to residence halls. Probably won’t be too noticiable because I’ve been on an art downturn in general lately anyway.

2) More time in computer labs and libraries on weekdays. I’ll need access to a computer during my group meets and it’s not worth the trip back to my room just for that.

3) Less time on Skype and Steam at night: I won’t drag my desktop machine to bed to finish the conversation, sorry.