Now Saving: Oculus Rift is Freaking Cool

Instead of calling these things ‘Daily’- which they’re not- I’m going to call them Now Saving. Because it’s basically me saving my game before I go to bed. You know. Just in case.  But sometimes I forget to save.

PnP day today was Keras’s final day. Session started with the character exploding, and then EVERYONE PASSED OUT the end. (More was supposed to happen, but the GM’s internet was flakey for the whole six hour stretch. So after passing out due to gas,  nothing else really happened. I feel kinda bad. Keras’s player didn’t get to do anything in their last day, and whatever happens next will probably be a sad, mourning type thingy that my character will be completely useless for.)

Class: HOLY CRAP I GOT TO USE THE OCULUS RIFT FOR MY FIRST TIME! It was pretty neat, especially with how well the head tracking worked with Minecraft and the Unity demo.  However, while I was free to look around, I was not in control of the controller for the games we were trying, and I found that I kept losing my sense of balance constantly while looking around.

GamesII: Cleared up the permissions error. While the BlueHuskyStudios subgroup had me assigned properly, that subgroup did not have access permissions for writing. Now that that’s fixed, I’ll have to push my updates to it. Maybe tonight. I merged the pull request I tried to send earlier just now, so my updates are now in the master. I still don’t 100% get what I’m doing with Github, but some of these tools are incredibly convenient. It’d be nice if we can put Oculus Rift support into The Seas Have Eyes. Next up: Make item pickups work.

SSE: Helped a teammate fix a problem where they were unable to sync with the group version of the project.  Most of that discussion can be seen here. He’s made a workable camera, and now it’s on me to make the units do what they should. Just added third team member to the group, so soon he’ll bring in his controller and we should be all set up to play a game. Or. Something.

Stable 45:  Did some art to help figure out how I’ll lay out the website. Struggled with it. You can browse them on by clicking here. Stable 45 at its core is about ponies that love fun. Though I think waaaaay far into overkill with the hexagon tiled floor. Might be nice for a recreation room, but I think I’m either going to use white square tiles for bedrooms and normal floors, or just stick with the setting-standard metal flooring and walls, but compensate with decorative holograms and robots. Infinite supplies. Limited Space. That’s one thing I’ll have to remember for everything I add, though.

futurey_room_by_retl-d77853a Stable45_Storyboard