Daily Derp – 4 Feb 2014


Pumped a few more hours into this vector wallpapery thingy. It’s taking way longer than my usual sketches and doesn’t look tons better? But it looks OK.


Played more Gameloft MLP. Got Github and Google+ Hangouts setup. Tweaked my Google Calendar. Updated weekly report for Games II. Listened to some more PH chapters, but I don’t remember which ones.  I think I heard a chunk of FoEPH ch 52 at some point.

Thinking about trying to write a very short fic for the ABCs of FoE project if some of the existing authors keep lagging behind.

When I do make more time for fic, I’ll be making less time for pics or something I guess. And I’m about to go to bed in a bit but I might slap a last-minute doodle online.


0:55 <Retl|Zzz> ohshi I just had the stupidest panic moment
00:55 <Retl|Zzz> Where I was like ‘what day is it’
00:56 <Retl|Zzz> And then I look at my calendar and see it’s Tuesday and then I’m like OHSWEETCELESTIA I DIDN’T GO TO ANY OF MY TUESDAYCLASSES WTF
00:56 <Retl|Zzz> And then I realize ‘oh it’s past midnight’